Main Details for application:

Application Number WSCC/083/10/LU Application Status/Decision Granted
Date Registered 10-08-2010
Date Valid 06-08-2010 Date Received 06-08-2010
Council Arun District Council
Parish\Town Littlehampton Local Councillor Councillor for Littlehampton East Electoral Division
Planning Case Officer Mrs Kerry Simmons Application Type Regulation 3 Major
Development Size Major
Applicant Executive Director Adults and Children
Agent Architecture PLB
Site Name Littlehampton Academy
Location Littlehampton Academy, Hill Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex, BN17 6DQ
Proposal Part demolition and redevelopment of existing Littlehampton Academy to create a new 1900 pupil academy including associated sporting facilities and access
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General Details
Departure N
Habitats Regulations Assessment N
EIA Submitted N
Expected Committee Date 02-11-2010
Consultation Start Date 10-08-2010
Consultation End Date 09-09-2010
Date by which any representations about this application must be made 09-09-2010
Littlehampton Gazette 12-08-2010
Site Notice 11-08-2010
Decision Details
Determination Target 06-11-2010
Decision Granted
Decision Date 02-11-2010
Decision Method Committee
Temporary Expiry Date
Appeal Details
Appeal Date
Appeal Reason
Appeal Type
Statement Date
Hearing Date
Appeal Decision